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Hey everyone, I’ve launched a new Patreon campaign to help support my comic, the Weave! For those who don’t know, the Weave is a comic about Tally Llewellyn, a girl who has a terminal case of bad luck and a talent for finding trouble. The Weave is a modern fantasy, with romance, drama and mystery, and it’s just getting started.

I love comics. I love reading them, drawing them, and writing them. I grew up with webcomics, and my dream for years has been to make one of my own. I’ve finally reached the point where I think I have an excellent shot to really make something special as well. The Weave is a labor of love, and I want to put my whole heart into making it and bringing it to you, but I need help to do so. Please consider checking my campaign out and sharing it!

false! you’re definitely not lame!

I appreciate that! Difficult to argue with evidence, though.

if you took my advice and turned dela into de la you could be nimadelame. wait. nevermind

I’m lame, but I’d rather not be called that!

Anonymous asked:
Dear Nima, what does the name/url/nickname(????) nimademe mean/stand for?

Nimademe is shorthand for my full name, Nicolo Maranan Dela Merced.

about the blogger


name: Nicolo
birthday: October
zodiac: Libra
single or taken: Single
height: 6’0
eye color: Brown
middle name: Maranan
favorite color: Dark Green

lucky number: 7


favorite fictional character: Alexander the Great

favorite television show: Kamen Rider Kuuga

favorite season: Spring

describe yourself in a few words: I’m a normal person.

future children’s names: David or Emma

meaning of your name: Victory, Conqueror

what do you plan to/do for a living: Being a salary man.


introvert or extrovert
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea
rain or shine
reading or writing 

(Source: hearmerhllor)

naphal asked:
nima considering i've impersonated you so thoroughly in skype chats that people have mistaken me for you on numerous occasions i'm not sure i should even bother

You stand at the top of impersonating me!

acrossgust asked:
"I have extensive knowledge of Touhou and I can probably beat a game on lunatic, blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back"

Victory or death!